Our New Partnership with the National Rural Healthcare Association


Yaffe & Company and the National Rural Healthcare Association (NRHA) Will Address Pressing Healthcare Issues Through Expanded Partnership

 CEO Turnover, Fiduciary Responsibility of Boards, And Executive Compensation Are Key Areas of Focus

Yaffe & Company and the National Rural Healthcare Association (NRHA) will research and address several pressing issues that CEOs and board members of rural health systems face today, through its expanded partnership, which has just been announced.  Among the strategic initiatives that the two organizations will focus on are:

  • Causes and solutions to the problem of CEO turnover — The average rate of CEO turnover nationwide is around 20 percent, and is higher in many rural areas.
  • Educating board members about their fiduciary responsibilities – Many board members, especially in rural communities, need more effective ways to understand the complexity of their roles on local hospital boards, as well as their obligation to ensure that the hospital complies with government regulations.
  • Executive Compensation surveys – These surveys provide important data points that help board members and leadership teams recruit, reward, and retain executive talent in the complex healthcare market.

Yaffe & Company is an independent consulting firm that provides a full range of services to executives and board members of hospitals and health systems nationwide, including:

  • Executive Compensation & Performance
  • Leadership Development
  • Governance Advisory
  • Physician Enterprise Solutions

“The three common factors that successful health systems have, whether in rural or other communities, are strong leadership, a clear vision, and a measurable strategic plan,” said Alexander Yaffe, President and CEO of Yaffe & Company.  “We are certain that our partnership with NRHA will bring these assets to rural health systems in fresh ways in the coming year.”

NRHA brings together individual health practitioners, rural health clinic personnel, hospital staff, rural medical educators, and state and federal agencies to improve rural healthcare in America.

“We believe that Yaffe & Company brings a unique level of expertise to our partnership, because their panel of executives has been in the CEO or board member seat,” said Larry Bedell, NRHA Executive Director.  “We look forward to bringing new resources to our members, by teaming up with them.”

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